We ♥ Perth Children's Hospital

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation (formally Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation)

We believe children deserve a healthy and happy life. Unfortunately many will experience injury, trauma and illness, some life-threatening. Thankfully PCH is there to help and support children and their families during these times.

As a world-class paediatric facility, PCH attracts the brightest and best medical minds from Australia and internationally to care for our children and train future generations of clinicians and researchers.

PCH Foundation is the official fundraising body for PCH, providing the hospital with vital medical equipment, specialist staff, research, complementary services and services beyond PCH.

Since the Foundation was established in 1998 they have granted more than $50 million to PCH, with funds directed into priority areas. In recent years, major funding has been allocated to the establishment of the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, Adolescent Centre and ongoing research. The Foundation has also provided over a quarter of the equipment currently used by the hospital.

The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all sick West Australian children.

My Sweet Fox is a strong supporter of PCH therefore we will be donating a percentage of all sales to this incredible foundation.