Naturopathic Alchemy

Mim Lowe is the Naturopath and founder behind Naturopathic Alchemy. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy (BHSc) from Endeavor College of Natural health. She also holds correct certification in Mental Health first aid and CPR. Her studies included knowledge on Nutrition, Anatomy, Drug interactions, Herbal medicine, Pharmacology, Counselling, Pathology and Nutritional Biochemistry.  She is registered with Naturopath & Herbalists Association Australia. 

To ensure that she's continually growing and developing as a practitioner, she attends multiple conferences, seminars and events both in Australia in the field of Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Complementary Medicine to maintain her practices. 

Please ensure these products are not used on children, and it's always a good idea to do a patch test first. Please read the ingredients, and the disclaimer prior to use. These oils are all natural and made with the utmost care.