Hazel Village

Hazel Village - Max Raccoon in Gingham Shirt

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Meet Max from Hazel Village 

His Story

Max has a hollow tree behind his house. He has installed numerous shelves and cubbyholes inside it, and there he keeps cool things that he finds: bits of crockery that he makes into wind chimes, good paper bags he's saving, presents from his friends, jars of pickles and jam, etc.

The animals are suitable for all ages, because their faces are embroidered and they are soft. But if you leave an animal with a very young child, please remove any loose doll clothes (socks, scarves, hats, etc) that the baby could rip off and eat.

Approximately 35.5cm tall

Organic cotton fleece with polyfill

Removable shirt 

Hand Wash Only

Designed in Brooklyn, NYC 

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