What The Heck is Oobleck and Why I Love It

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Ah, Oobleck. One of my favourite sensory activities but can also be MESSY AF. Don't be alarmed though because it's super easy and washes off with water #winning. 

Oobleck is made from cornflour and water - when pressure is applied to it, it solidifies and when there's no pressure, its like a thick liquid. Strangely enjoyable to play with! Unless you're my husband - he can't stand it hahaha. 

We add glitter or food colouring to ours. We also have different animal figures, or Elsa and Anna for a Frozen theme, there really are a lot of possibilities! 

Add 2 cups of cornflour and 1 and a bit cups of water to a sensory tray/container and mix. Simple!

Have you made oobleck before? Do you love it or hate it?! 

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