Mum Guilt by Renee Melizza

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From the beautiful Renee Melizza, shared with her permission. 


I broke down, I cried,⠀
You were almost off to sleep.⠀
I couldn’t help it as I watched you,⠀
The guilt took over me.⠀

It was a rough day.⠀
A tough few weeks,⠀
For you and I,
With little sleep.⠀

I raised my voice⠀
Pleading for you to nap.⠀
Feeling instantly ashamed,⠀
I hung my head in my lap.⠀

You’re too little to understand,⠀
That’s too much for you to know.
Nor do you need to, I’m here, ⠀
To be your haven and your home.⠀

We got through it.⠀
You barely blinked,⠀
While I was guilt ridden ⠀
and on the brink.⠀

It killed me, I was gutted, ⠀
‘no sleep’ got the better of me,⠀
But please know mummy is human, ⠀
I guess this is what it means to be.⠀

The night came, it was bedtime,⠀
The tears had overcome me.⠀
I let you down today, my darling,⠀
I hope you can forgive me?⠀

I apologised sincerely and ⠀
You were happier in my arms.
I hope you felt my love,
As you laid there, safe from harm.

Renée Melizza - follow her on instagram @dear_darling_xo 


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