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As most of you know, we're in the process of re-branding. It's a bigger undertaking than I thought - who knew choosing a logo and branding colours would be so hard! But I want to do it right. And that takes time. So in between that, I'm also studying, and looking after the kids, and trying to keep the house in some kind of order. 

John has also gone back to FIFO, which, not going to lie, I was dreading. We did it for 18 months on 2:1 (2 weeks on, 1 week off) and he's been back in Perth for 8 months. So we're now 2 days into his 1:1 roster, and I'm doing... ok. Better than I thought - I attribute that to actually getting time to myself, and not having to feed Evie to sleep for hours, like I used to have to do. Dorian is also at Kindy, which has been helping a lot too! But it's the little things, like knowing he's here and if there's a burgular, I'm not on my own. If there's a cockroach, he will kill it for me while I scream from the couch. Chatting to him while we do the dishes and tidy up. 
Instead, I check, and re-check the doors and windows. I check, and re-check that the gas is off. I check on the kids (and yep, then check on them again). It's very bizarre going from parenting with your best friend, to parenting alone, finding your groove, then having them home, and then doing it all over again. 
It's kind of like a roller coaster. 

So, for a bit of fun, here are some myths I'm debunking about FIFO. 
- No, we are not "rich", we still have bills and debts and are trying to save for a house. 
- Yes, he hates being away from us. For people who say "my husband could never be away from us like that" - just don't say that to a wife who's husband does FIFO. 
- No, it's not like a party up there. On the contrary, they work incredibly hard in insane climates. 
- Yes, mental health is a very real issue living the FIFO lifestyle (as I imagine it is everywhere). People who work FIFO deal with being away from their families, missing out on important events and birthdays. It's not easy. 
- Yes, it's awesome having the whole week off - John is very hands on and does everything he can when he's home. He gets to pick up and drop off the kids, and we get time together too! 

It's not for everyone, and can be damn hard sometimes! If you have any questions, my DM's are always open :) 

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