Craft Activity for Kids - Colouring Crowns

The lovely Liz from Schooza has given me a gorgeous crown tutorial - a perfect lockdown or just rainy day activity! 

Check it out below, and pop on over to her Etsy page for some beautiful felt birthday crowns/ears and more - she even makes them for us adults and I'm totally eyeing them off... 


Crafting Crowns

A simple, mess free craft activity to keep the kids amused this school holidays 

 You know how it goes, the kids have started with the ‘what can we doooo’ ‘I’m bored’ song and you just need something to put in front of them which is not on a screen.  

I created these simple colour in crowns just for these moments. The template includes 6 crowns; Dino, Fairy, Digger, Unicorn, Rainbow and Lion. Choose the ones your child would like best or make them all! 

All you need to do is; 

  • Print the template  
  • Let the kids colour in with pencils, crayons, Texta (whichever you have on hand) 
  • Cut them out and staple or stick on the paper band to fit  

We love to use craft activities to learn through play with some play prompts for this activity. Some questions you could ask your child while creating their crown (depending on their age) 

  • How many ____ (stars, teeth, leaves) can you see ? 
  • Which is the largest ____ (star, tooth)? 
  • What noise does it make? 
  • Which colour are you using now? 

Once the craft is finished you could continue with imaginative play based on the crown made too. Some ideas might include; playing shops and ‘sell’ the crowns they have created. Make a fairy/lion den out of pillows. Sing some songs (Stomp like a dinosaur).  

Have fun!  


To get the template, click the link here (which is on one drive) and enjoy! Feel free to tag Liz @schooza and myself @mysweetfox_ and visit her etsy store here. Thanks for this awesome activity Liz! 
If you’d like some more templates and to keep up to date with her beautiful small biz, you can sign up to Liz’s newsletter here :) 






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