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Hello reader, 

You've found our little shop - welcome! I hope you find something for your mini, or yourself, or someone else. That's really what we wanted - to have something for a range of people and ages. I always liked the idea of having a shop where I could get my gifts and stuff for the kids in one spot. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but that's totally fine. 

Here in the blog, you'll find the same. A bit of everything. I might write about motherhood (because frankly, that's my life right now!), dealing with post natal anxiety, I might post good recipes for kids, or games, talk about my marriage, or a funny article or book. My mum, who is my partner in this business ( as well as my friend, confidant and all round massive support) might talk about her life as well. I hope you'll find something to make you smile, or laugh out loud, or maybe just something that you enjoy. 

I wanted to tell you about about us as well - there's a little family behind this business of ours. 

As you know, I'm Truan, and my kids are Evelyn and Dorian. My husband is John, who was a FIFO (fly in fly out) Mechanic up until recently. When (or rather, if!) I have spare time, you'll find me reading a historical fiction book, listening to a podcast or going for a run. I've been a stay at home mum since Evie was born but then Covid hit and I couldn't go back to work. Mum found My Sweet Fox for sale, and the rest, they say, is history. She's wanted to have her own business for a long time, so when it came up for sale, at the right time for us, it just felt like it was exactly what we've been looking for! She's done a lot of jobs in her life, beauty therapist, organic cafe owner of The Magic Apple down in Cottesloe, sales manager, cleaner; but I think the thing she find most enjoyment out of is her role as Nana. It's wonderful seeing your own mum with your kids - it's really special. 

So anyway, that's us - we are this business. We look for products we love, that we use and enjoy, and we hope you will too! Feel free to drop by and say hello on our Facebook and Instagram :) 


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