Lockdown, Anzac Day and Things I'm Loving

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Well, we're two days into a third lockdown and I think we've eaten the entire pantry and then some...  Seriously, I forgot how much we all graze when we're at home 24x7! It didn't help that we made Anzac cookies this morning (yum!) which we ate way too many of, while the kids started five apples and put them back in the fruit bowl, half finished multiple packets of chips and spilt their juice everywhere. I lost count of how many coffees we drank today! But anyway, I wanted to include some activities we've been doing and things that I've been loving. ...

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Crappy Sleepers and Lukewarm Cups of Tea

As I write this, my son has crashed out on the couch and my daughter is (hopefully) going to sleep in her cot. She's not crying yet, so I take that as a good sign. She isn't a very good sleeper - hasn't been for most of her life. Except of course, for the first few months where a lot of newborns just sleep, eat and poo. Once she hit four months it all went out the window. She got better around 11 months. Then around 18 months it went down the toilet. Now at nearly 2, it's finally, maybe,...

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A bit about us!

About Us New Welcome

Hello reader,  You've found our little shop - welcome! I hope you find something for your mini, or yourself, or someone else. That's really what we wanted - to have something for a range of people and ages. I always liked the idea of having a shop where I could get my gifts and stuff for the kids in one spot. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but that's totally fine.  Here in the blog, you'll find the same. A bit of everything. I might write about motherhood (because frankly, that's my life right now!), dealing with post...

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